Saturday, September 12, 2015

This is Lagos; shine your Eyes.

State of Mind: Indecisive.
"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players" William Shakespeare
True. We are merely players on one big stage, and we each have a role to play.
But that was not what got me writing in my diary. Infact, I have a lot of impatience for Shakespearian words. Nevertheless, I got scribbling in my diary again because of one thing : Dramatic Lagos. Put lightly, 'Wahala Lagos', or 'Lagos na wa!'.

Lagos.. Lagos is one huge stage filled with its own unique, pure, undeniable drama-in all forms. From comedy, farce, tragedy, melodrama, fantasy, musical, you name it- Lagos is just purely dramatic.
Every day in this Centre of Excellence brings with it one style of drama, or another. U could never predict what style that could be. And with each style, comes a unique experience- unique to person, place and event. Here are instances:
It's only in Lagos you'll hear the slogan: "This is Lagos. Shine your eyes". Everything is 'sharp sharp' even if it's by crook, hook, or push.
In Lagos, you'll enter a bus by rushing, pushing and jumping. Afterwards, you'll get insulted or even beaten by a bus driver or conductor simply because you don't have change...
In Lagos you'll discover that trekking could be better than entering a bus, because you'll sit in the traffic for two hours and more- then you'll wish you had even trekked in the first place...
In Lagos you'll discover that there are two examples of road pests that are necessary evils: Keke and Okada...
In Lagos you'll wake up by 4a.m to beat the mad traffic and get to work in time, only for you to eventually reach late- and by some minutes past the time...
In Lagos you'll hear the strangest, oddest and unbelievable of stories, that even if they were true, you' ld doubt their credibility, yet you'ld still share your own edition of the story...
In Lagos you' ll see things you never wish you saw, but you couldn't help but look...
In Lagos you'll see fashion that would make you admire, cry, laugh, sigh, wonder and even get tired... And, the fashion police would always tire of arresting people...
In Lagos you'll discover that the police, the army, LASTMA, and all other uniformed personnel are not your friends, but your fellow, greedy hustlers...
In Lagos, what (or who) you own or bought, belongs to another original owner called a pick pocket, mere thief, 'one- chancer ', kidnapper, or even armed robber...
In Lagos you'll discover that churches abound, almost as much as the sand of the earth, yet most of them have one very very important purpose : money making... and competition too!
In Lagos, home is where you lay your head: under the bridge, in a house, your car, a bus, the market, your office, the road- anywhere! Just name it...
In Lagos, you'ld just have to subconsciously learn a little Yoruba-sadly, the curse words inclusive...
In Lagos, everyone pursues something. So, your friends from school might never see you again in years, even though you all live in Lagos...
And the list goes on. Lagos is a great place to be, with mind blowing opportunities .. And if you live in Nigeria but you've never visited, then a visit must convince you.
To my fellow Lagosians, I greet. This is Lagos. Shine your eyes!

This post was written by Chidinma Chukwukere

P.S l won't be blogging for the  next two weeks. Exam starts on monday. See you on the other side of September. AND hbd GLOWYSHOES

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. Lolz,this is so true. Aww I wish great success in your exams dearie. Read well and remember not to carry bullets.

  2. Lagos showed me pepper tru scamming..chai i will bever forget that and the funny thing is that i sight the he got that scammed me but twas from a moving car..
    Awww tnx favor my new
    I wish you success in uour exams

    Glowyshoe blog

  3. Success in ur exams dear. This is Lagos....

  4. After reading this, all that came to me was "Eko oni baje!"

    Success wishes to you... will miss you here, just make sure make does grades, that's more important.

  5. Lagos! This article captured it so well. Lagsidi to badt gan. lol.

    God's grace in your exams sweetie! God's gone before you, just go and meet Him in the hall. :)

  6. yes oo! lagos for show,i am a proud where like Lagos

  7. Eyaaaaaaaa all the best in your exams and happy birthday to flowy shoes my fellow shoe lover. The hustle and bustle f Lagos ehhh

  8. Lagos na wah lol.. Good luck in your exams..


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