Friday, September 25, 2015

When sisters run mad

Walks into room, sweeps, removes cobwebs, vacuums the floor,dust the couch... Looks around.#heaves a sigh of relief# so good to be back peeps. Who missed me???

So maybe I should have a label for some ibelibe posts. Two weeks ago while surfing the net I saw that Naomi Campbell was on the " free the nipple movement" For those of you who don't know, "Free the Nipple" is an equality movement that aims to remove the double standard of censoring female breasts. Many notable celebrities have participated in the movement including Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne.
What's my take on this? Any woman that decides to join this movement has zero self worth. This isn't equality, this is a movement that debases women. Like I always tell my friends we have to be very careful the way we raise our kids these days hence we would wake up one morning and get the biggest shocker of our lives. Just why shouldn't the female breast be censored?

We keep lowering our standards and later complain that the male folks aint treating us well. Today its free the nipples, tomorrow it will be show your vajayjay afterall the men have started showing their eggplants on instagram. Its all about equality right? Are we even competing? Nipples should never be free. To clarify: Women's nipples should never be free. It's fine if a man's nipples are exposed to the public, because a man's body is obviously great( not that the women aren't ) and inoffensive in any and every possible form. Society has even created a term for men who aren't the most fit, to make them feel better about themselves: dad bod.

Women's bodies, on the other hand, are criticized in every form and photoshopped beyond
recognition. We all know that advertisements geared to women only work if they make women feel bad about themselves. A woman's nipples cannot be exposed in public, because men will be unable to control themselves. If men can barely control themselves around women who wear clothes in the workplace or on the street, how can a man control himself next to a woman who is not wearing a top and has exposed breasts and not one but two exposed nipples?

If a woman's nipples are exposed in public for non-sexual purposes, and something happens to her, it's clearly her own fault. She should have known that men cannot control themselves when they ogle a woman in the street, and that a provocation like this can result in catcalling or worse behavior. And the western world abi developed countries is filled with so much madness it gives me goose bumps

Inshort, Jesus is coming soon.

P.s. Took time off cos of the sallah break. Be back after exams.. 

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. My dear, leave all this westerners, they wanna go back to garden of Eden...the annoying part is that we blacks, keep copying everything they do.

    Howz your exams going?

  2. I like your point of view Favour. We are so used to seeing these nipples all over the place we forget that it should not even be a movement at all. Decency has been thrown away and 'freedom' is now the norm.

  3. I missed you dear... I still don't know what the moral value of these senseless movement here and there and before you know it, they already have representatives here..

  4. We missed u though, good to have you back.

  5. professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.
    wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves.
    ROMANS 1:22,24.

    welcome dear, good to have you back!!!!

  6. Miley Cyrus will campaign for anything nude am, not surprised. it's against the word of God, our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and should be kept holy and decent. This is the main reason this movement is insane and satanic in every way I review it. The world is coming to an end.

  7. Yay! She's back. Missed you sweetie. How was the exam? You nailed it. Yeah?

    Jesus is coming soon. #word

  8. Welcome back

  9. This is really outrageous! I get scared each day because of the world we are in. The freedom to do anything that Americans have is the basis of their stupidity. Maybe the world is moving back to how it started but I'm sure God is not involved.

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