Wednesday, June 24, 2015

11 days and counting...

Holla Phavourites!!! So I guess these days I have to start every post with an apology. I know some of you are giving me the smirk look right now. Ok, here it is.. I'm sorrry... Don't worry I will soon win an award for the absentee blogger of the year, please lemme know when the nomination form comes
So, what have I been up to??? Pharmacy, pharmacy, pharmacy.. I breathe, eat, drink and reek of pharmacy school.. #i go survive sha#
I miss you guys and yes, I'm back..

One more thing, have you liked my page on facebook? Whatchu waiting for? Huh? Twitter nko? Don't break my heart please follow.



  1. Oh Favour.. I need to call you.. There is a lot i have to talk to you about.. That being said!! Shey be you shhhaaa know that you like quarrel pas fight?! Dont be going MIA on us like this nah.. haba! Diariosgoddoooo... Welcome back Bubba.. Whatever it is yeah.. Please strike the balance and dont let us nor you suffer.. Cheers baby mi.. and the crowd goes.. Oooosshheeey Turn uP!

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