Friday, August 5, 2016

13 ways to surprise your husband without spending a dime.

Before kids I used to love doing surprises for my husband. It was a great way to grow our relationship and have fun at the same time. Sometimes I even thought I liked these surprises (that I prepared) more than he did. Typical.

However, when the kids came to our lives the amount of husband surprises has drastically dropped. I got two miracles out of my body. Who needs surprises anymore? The kids are little bigger now and I feel like we need more spike in our relationship again
I am a big fan of simplicity. I believe true and pure things happen when we use our heart and our own hands. It doesn’t have to come from your bank account or all the way from China.

So here are my top 15 surprises for husband or partner that not only won’t cost you a dime, but also will make your man feel like a million dollars. At least mine does.

1. Send him a letter in his e-mail. List 9 reasons why you love him. The more detailed and personal you get the better it will be. Can you imagine his surprised face when he flips through countless mails and sees YOURS?

2. Wear his favorite team’s jersey to work on a game day or even on a regular day.

This threw off my husband completely. Even I was surprised at how important this was to him.

3. Make short video (containing 1 sec episodes) for your husband. Secretly record little cute things your husband does on a daily basis.

4. Take interest in his hobby.

5. Pack lunch with his favorite homemade meal. I know it’s cliche and cheesy, but truth it truth – men like food. Good food. It will always please their heart (and tummy).

Whenever I had something special to pack in his lunch I made sure to make a disappointing face and let him know that it’s “the regular”. That way surprise was bigger when he opened the lunch box during his lunch.

6. Do little things. They still count as surprises.

Leave cute notes in his pockets. Call his mom for a friendly chat and let him found out about that from his mom. Take a picture of you with his phone and save it as his screen saver.

7. Be kids again. Meet your husband at the door with the game planned already. Water balloon fight? Pillow fight? Or maybe hide and seek?

I have never done this before, but I could see it happening and making a great night. The good thing is that it’s totally doable with kids. No need for date night.

8. Arrange a guy night out for him with his friends. You would be surprised at how busy family lives change even for a very fun loving guys. So call up some of his buddies and ask if they are up for a night out. Even a movie with his buddy and some drinks afterwards can make a huge difference.

I am yet to plan this, but I know this one my husband needs the most. He rarely gets out of the house without me or the kids.

9. Throw a surprise dinner with his favorite people. It doesn’t have to be a fancy dinner. In fact food isn’t that important when you have a good company.

Once I got lucky to throw this together literally last minute. I made a big slow cooker meal in the morning and invited his brother (who happened to be in town), his favorite co-worker and couple of his best friends with their spouses. Some brought extra food and we all had such a great time.

10. Do his least favorite chore for him, but be realistic.

For my husband it’s washing dishes. Since I don’t have to do it often, I don’t mind occasionally doing it.

11. Enter both of you for a contest or a race. Working on a challenge like that together will create great memories and will make your relationship stronger.

This is on my to do list too.

12. Change his alarm with your recorded voice.

Few years ago when my husband was on the trip I secretly recorded my voice and set it as an alarm. So when the alarm “rang” it was my voice telling him good morning. He said it sounded so realistic as if I was in the room.

13. Shave him. Get ready the shaving tools he uses and open up barber shop right in your bathroom. Put an apron on just like a real barber. Be professional.

My good friend surprised her husband once like this and she said he was very pleased to be pampered this way even though he was worried a bit at the beginning.

One thing I like about surprising my husband is that I know he will have to surprise me back too. I know, this is totally selfish. But it is what it is and it makes us both pretty happy.


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  2. This had some god ideas! From this post, I thought you were married! But now I see it's culled from Pinterest. It's probably advisable to put an introduction (so we don't get confused) and then maybe the link to the original article.
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  3. Noted.
    Love this cute,hardworking and kind-hearted man i call HUSBAND.

    Yeah,i am a grandmother now. My daughter put to bed yesterday.
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  4. This is so useful for me oo,cos i am lagging behind*coversface*

  5. Nice tips. These will surely help to boost marriages.

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