Friday, September 2, 2016

Five ways I pray for my future husband

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 My 'What He Must Be' list has changed more than twice since I first drafted it at age 18. I would love to get married someday. Set up a little house with fluffy curtains and vintage bakeware a and a bunch of toe-headed kids running around. I'm not too picky on location as long as the city isn't "too crowded", traffic free and less cranky people.

Sometimes I get kind of caught up in my daydreams, and prayer is the one thing that always helps me get my feet back on the ground to focus on the here and now.

Here are just five ways that I pray for my future husband.

1. I Pray for Him Spiritually
Despite my wishes and dreams, it is God's will that all men be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:4). If he is not saved, I pray that the Holy Spirit would prick his heart continuously until he gets the matter resolved, and that if he is saved, he would always purpose to grow in God through prayer, Bible reading, and church attendance.

2. I Pray for Him Mentally
It's a pretty wide category, but then again, the brain is a pretty vast place. I pray that he would avoid debt, and learn responsibility in finances. I pray that he would save his heart for me, and keep his eyes focused on Christ. I pray for him to keep any promises he's made. I pray for him to seek wise counsel before making important decisions.

3. I Pray for Him Physically
I pray for his health. I pray for his safety.

4. I Pray for Him Relationally
If he can't get along with the people already in his life, he's not going to be ready for me, now is he? I pray that he learn how to love his family, learn what it means to truly forgive, learn  how to give 100%, and learn to work thanklessly.

5. I Pray for His Growth
I pray, not for a man exactly like myself, but instead for a man with a teachable spirit, and a desire to always be a better Christian. It's not so imperative to me that he's rich and equals my love for oha , as much as I just really pray that he grows; he gets better; he improves and desires improvement. He grows Spiritually, Mentally, and Relationally. Alive things should grow. And bear fruit.

And then, I Pray the Same for Myself.

While he might be perfect compared to my prayers, and growing, too, if I'm not, I am entirely unworthy of his love, aren't I?

You are never as eligible as you think you are.
-Jasmine Bauchem

After your pride brushes itself off after that blow, try something for me, will you?

Pray for your future husband.

Pray for yourself. (Remember that God gives you the patience you prayed for by giving you situations that require extra patience.)

And always for the ultimate design that you come closer to God through such prayers!

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  1. This is actually really good. Even in marriage, it's important we keep praying these kind of prayers! || Follow me on Bloglovin'!

    6 Love Lessons Learnt from my Wedding Ring

  2. A prayerful wife keeps her home going... Even the unmarried ladies should know how to pray. Prayer changes even the worst husband to become responsible without the usual everyday fightings..

    Sadly, I am struggling in my prayer life.

  3. Building a foundation of prayers is so important. When you pray, also ask God to mold you just like He molded Eve and brought her to Adam. Just like Esther went through a 6 month beautifying period then she was brought to the king.
    Prayers combined with character building and preparation produce immense results.

  4. Te dejo mi blog de poesia por si quTe dejo mi blog de poesia por si quieres criticar gracias.
    Me gusta mucho el tuyo.

  5. Prayer is key darling, never stop praying for him even when you get marriage..God bless you.

  6. Very nice point,i think apart from praying other things are needed to make things work.

    i mentioned some tips for happy and lasting relationship here


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