Friday, March 24, 2017

Doing is all there is

These days, I have been reminiscing about the movie, Whiplash. Sometimes, I fire up my laptop just to see clips of the movie and what Fletcher said to Neiman.

Oftentimes when I was little, I had pictured the stages of my life in kaleidoscopic mirrors; each phase revealing shiny colors of glamour. I often saw my life as an earth filled with manna and quails – Just eat. Just catch. So it was easy to make the mistake of thinking that talent is enough. And when asked then in secondary school, kitted with my white shirt and grey pants, what was my aspiration, I would quickly reply: “To win the Nobel Prize.” What a Waawu! Lol!

Thinking about that reply now, I giggle to myself.  Back then, I felt writing was enough. I beheld my writing as a spark; that tiny spark that will burst into a fiery fire with its energy catapulting me to light and stardom.  “So just write, you will “blow”,” that was my thought. How wrong I was. No, scratch that. How ignorant I was.

Actually, there is always a time of just writing, or just singing, or just running on the track because you know you will always win like Adichie, or Adele, or Bolt. But before then, be like Rihanna and “Work, Work, Work. Learn, Learn, Learn. Hurt, Hurt, Hurt." Know that while your talent can create a spark, sometimes you have to recover it like a matchbox immersed in water; cold and wet and heavy. Drive off the cold, dry the wetness, and discard the heaviness. Though cliché, simply make hay while sun shine. Better still, dry your matchbox while the sun still shines.

So you see that part of stardom and glamor; that part of the constant spotlight; that part where you blush and cry and your head doubles in size. You see that part where you want to shimmer and sparkle and shine, you got to work it out.

Work. Grind. Push the bar higher same way you snack on a bar of chocolate.

Learn to do, and even when doing becomes boring, still learn to do.

Therefore, always remember what Fletcher said to Neiman. He said to him, “If you want the fucking part, earn it.”

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare

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