Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#memoirsoffae - Karma is a Bitch

If you ever lived in the school hostel and you don’t know how to walk in love and let things go easily, I doubt you will ever learn that anywhere else. This is because you encounter loads of people that stretch your patience beyond its elastic limit. I learnt how to snub people in school as well as standing up to bullies. During my final year in school, some girl lived with me for a couple of weeks and mehn!!! I didn’t find it funny. Part of my consolation was that she probably had a rough childhood, suffered rejection or had one of these traumatic experience still I wondered how someone could be so bitter and pitied her boyfriend.

I completely forgot about all she did to me until one Sunday evening when I saw her fighting with a couple of girls and the words “ashewo” and ” husband snactcher” was being thrown around freely. Eh!!! I hurried down the stairs to get a first hand information. Amebo da sweet na!
Miss A was accusing Miss B of trying to snatch her husband after Miss B made a statement that if she wanted to, she would have done so a long time ago. Shuo!!!  Then the quarrel led to one saying the other would die single and the other replying that Miss A would die in her first pregnancy! Kai! Fight started and they ended up signing an undertaking in the school security promising that nothing would happen to one another.
I still laugh over this incident even after days, this is largely because it was the first time I was seeing two grown ladies fighting over a man.
Whoever has had such experience?

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. Lol. Sometimes I wonder how men feel when they find two or more ladies fighting over them. Do they feel proud or ashamed? Do they fight for one lady or leave all the ladies?

    Favour is not a man, so she wouldnt know. OK bye. 😂

  2. It boosts men ego to watch women fight over them

  3. at the end the man they are fighting for will not marry either,so why disgrace your lineage because of a Man!

  4. Fighting over a man is not worth it. I have seen and most times they fight over a married man . a man that belongs to another woman o. Some girls no get commom sense.

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