Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Unpregnant- Stories from the Hospital

Terrifying was the word l described the emergency unit with during my first few weeks as a Medical intern. The terror was later replaced with thrill. The thrill of saving lives, breaking bones, diagnosing and finding solution. To do this, we would often fit pixels of medical knowledge together until we saw the picture. The big picture.
Sometimes it was heart breaking. The loss of a dear patient and having to break the news to the family. 
Their reaction followed by denial and then acceptance all in split seconds with the wailing which sometime never fades. 
And there are days like today when the suprise is epic. 

‘Look! There's blood on the floor’ said a colleaque  bringing to my attention the trail of blood that followed a woman who just walked passed us some minutes ago. 
 'We are in the hospital, its not a big deal’ I replied searching for my stethoscope as we rushed into the hospital. 
‘That lady is pregnant, she’s having a miscarriage’' l ignored her and continued my search. 

At the front of the out patient department, I saw it! 
First, the crowd, then Blood! Lumps of Blood. As if the Blood was cooked and made to look like meat. 

Then l heard the sobs, quiet yet heart breaking. Piercing into the heart of everyone. "It's okay ma" we consoled her as she gnashed her teeth and bit her fingers looking at the mass that was a child in side her some hours ago. 

The nurses came with a wheel chair taking her to the ward. 

"It's a beautiful day to save lives "I muttered

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. That's a sad story. I really wish I studied medicine

  2. Living the dream. I love emergency medicine

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