Sunday, May 27, 2018

Exes and Trash talk

Fred (not real name) told me about his ex.  She was insensitive, disrespectful and was out to ruin his life.
I believed. Who wouldn't? Fred has a like able personality.
I met Andra his ex and l was shocked!. She was none of what he described. This girl was wonderful and considerate. One day, l asked about the relationship and when we were done talking, l regretted ever thinking about her in a lopsided manner.

If a guy tells you his ex was a horrible person, chances are the girl would probably call him a low life too. This seems to strike a balance except that those blurred lines spells unmet expectations, disappointment, hurt, someone trying to score a cheap point with a new love interest or Just being human. Plus people can be stupid at times.
Except your narrative is true and even then you shouldn't colour people's perception of someone they have barely interacted with.
Point is after a break up try and be objective, switch scenarios,(if it were me in my partners Shoe, would l take same decision?) accept responsibility for the failure of the relationship, cut off communication if that would give you a breather and move on.
Trash talking someone Just amplifies your insecurities.

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