Sunday, May 20, 2018

My first interview as a Pharmacist

This was my first interview since I became a pharmacist. I had a mixture of excitement and nervousness and I was determined to ace it (if there was anything like that). So here I was, neatly ironed skirt and shirt, heavily polished flats and my hair tucked into a bun. The goal was to look smart and professional. My first shocker was when l asked a friend who came to pick me
Me : Do you think l am appropriately dressed for this interview? 
Him: Well.... Yes... You look good but l swear you will get a 6 for this dressing. You should have worn a suit. 
Me: (gasps) huh? Ok... No problem sha (shrugs) 
Immediately, we got to the VIP Lounge, it suddenly felt like I missed the memo for dressing. Almost everyone was on a suit except for very few. 
Ok....ok... Ok... you can do this... I reassured myself. 
An hour Past the scheduled time for the interview, the personnels came and asked everyone to stay in a line as they took attendance. 
"House officers stay on this line, physiotherapist next line, MLS next line, then pharmacy" in shouted in a voice mildly authoritative. 
We had entered in a batch of 20 with our license and certificate placed on top other credentials. Got into the room and was face with a panel of about Six people. 
He called out names and as we got up he accessed our dress and reeled out numbers 7,7,7,6,6,6,7. Kai! I should have borrowed someone's suit outside na. 
Then he asked 'is there anyone who graduated with a first class, 2:1 or had a distinction here that is if your result is classified? "
my result is unclassified o... so i am not olodo
"Alright" he said. "You can go now. You will hear from us if you are taken "
Just like that??? I asked no one in particular as l came out. 
Interview is over. So what exactly is the basis of assessment? Naija! I hail the. 
I called my friend who laughed and said" shebi l told you this interview na scam?".  Lemme goan buy you ice cream jor. 


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