Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Do it yourself Christianity

I've been really into cookery books for some months now and sincerely the first two or three attempt of trying out a new recipe may not always come out well; sometimes there's too much or less of one ingredient. The first time I made pineapple juice using a do- it- yourself manual I had to consult the dictionary to check the meaning of chunky cos the manual said something like that. But with subsequent tries I became very good at it and even explored other options.

While trying to strengthen my culinary skills I've also observed a church close to my mom's shop that holds her wednesday prayers every morning. Each wednesday her members brings different items to church. It's either soap,water, handkerchief, pictures, or salt. I wasn't surprised when my mom was invited to their ' Saturday night of terror ' a monthly vigil and she was asked to come with a certain number of canes representing the number of kids she has.

Funny huh? Even though most spiritual churches are largely attended by women ( God bless mothers),I still don't subscribe to the 'items of transmission policy'. Life isn't that difficult, its simple.Do-it-yourself.  Pray,study, meditate et al. use your bible. lt is written in simple english even in your local language. Just as I have to keep trying my recipe till I got a perfect meal.You need patience and lots of faith with the bible. So if God doesn't answer you soon enough that doesn't mean you should do damage control. Your life is a gift, you have a will and choice. Do yourself a favor by choosing right.

Finally sha, na every mallam with him kettle.




  1. At a time when HIS victory rarely talked about but birth, we here at GYKE_eRECORDS just though we should say HIS ALIVE...enjoy.
    And its your very own Gyke### on the mix...testimony right

  2. Couldnt help laughing at 'come to church with canes representing ther number of children u have'. Funny but true how gullible we all are. What is even more pitiable is how stoic our belief is that the activities of the day will manifest for good in our household. *sigh* to each his own belief

  3. My dear o.. The kinda tins we see in some churches.


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