Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Funny Naija Tv commercials

Sit down for some hours and watch any of our tv stations or you could plug your ears with headphones and tune in to any radio station around your area. You would be amazed at the kind of advert you see/hear and the way it is done.
Firstly, you would frown then on a lighter note you would laugh your ribs out. When I was much younger the tv was my addiction so I can still remember most of the funny and educative adverts I've seen. Let's talk a stroll down memory lane (I've been around the block for a while) . Here's a few, you can add yours.

Workers:We want super sack, bagco super sack.
Worker1:Oga make u dey buy us cement wey dey inside bagco super sack.
Oga: an han, no be that bag una dey use before wey dey leak cement for una body?
Worker 1:Bagco super sack na different bag
Worker 2:E get double layer,na waterproof,Water no fit tosh nothing inside am
Worker1: E come strong kakaraka no dey burst dey leak cement for we head
Workers: yaaaaaaaaaay
Worker 2:Bagco super sack also dey reusable.U fit sell am for market women them
Oga:So for big house like this i go fit make plenty thousand Naira.?
Workers: Yessssss.
Oga: Me sef like better thing.Na bagco super sack i go dey buy from.
Workers: yaay ooooooooooooo we don win oh, we don win, bagco super sack, we don win. ----

I dey sell fish... all the fish water for rob for my body.. na soo my body go dey smell like fish..when i cut the fish the blood wey dey go come stain my body. but when i come use omo
my body go come dey smell so so sce

Tell what you really really really want
Tell what you really really really want
I Wanna, I Wanna, I WANNA Maltina!

nutri c
nutri c
my favorite drink
my only drink
another name for vitamin c
and more
a great taste nutri c yeah...
i like to be a part of it
you wont like to be left out
a great drink
nutri c

''This is the new cadbury chocolate Eclairs.
It comes in a new purple and gold foil.
Rich cream caramel.
And still has a new ''Choc-choc'' you're gonna love it.
Hmmmmm...its big and delicious and one taste it gonna
my mouth.
So, go get yours now

Girl 1: " How come your clothe is always cleaner than mine?"
Girl 2: " Cos my mom washes them"
Girl 1; " But my mom washes mine too"
Girl 2; " Well my mom uses super blue Omo"
Mom: " That's true

Gold Circle Condom:
Conductor: Who get this raincoat?
Man: Abeg na me!
(Everybody laughs at him)
Neutral Lady: Look you, you think say everybody dey wakabout town like una, Gold circle condom dey also help
person to plan the family well well.
Man: Thank you, madam! Na the chemist wey dey my
workplace I buy this one and na for me and my woman only.
Conductor: Oga make you sofri sofri for Madam tonight o!
(song) go for gold o! Gold Circle condom!

AIT, AIT, the communication, ogbonge Tv, for this nation,
sum sum sum sum
Mama, Papa ooo, AIT na we station, Sister, brother ooo.
AIT na we station!
First among the rest is A
The best is I
The third is T
Africa Independent
AIT- African independent Television, AAAA I T
Africa independent Television
Oh Yes - You be the best, always always be the best, for sum
sum sum summation
Education - Summation
First across the federation
The best TV, na AIT!

Who remembers
Cowbell dey for powder....e no need fridge at all oo.....cowbelluoo, papillo I know say one day u go make us proud, b without bb is like a train without an engine, the zebrudaya elephant advert,  and the recent indomie indomitables, honeywell wheat meal o for everybody na correct wakis. Hope I wested your time *in sdk's voice*

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