Saturday, January 3, 2015

How to choose political leaders.

During elections, many people ask me, "Who shall I vote?".My answer has always been, "Use the Biblical principles God has laid out and you will always find the best leader". Here are
seven major time-tested and universal principles for choosing a political leader.
1. He shall be whom the Lord has chosen: Set someone that God has chosen. Come in prayers and ask him for direction.
2. He shall be one from among your brethren: As a Christian, you must put a fellow believer in office. Even if he is not from your tribe or region, he must be a true Christian. Never use your vote to enthrone an unbeliever.
3. He shall not multiply horses to himself: He should never accumulate weapons of war for himself but must be a person that builds national security.
4. He shall not cause the people to return to Egypt: He should not lead the people back to slavery, neo-colonization, idolatry, occultism, etc.
5. He shall not multiply wives: He must respect family values. Not a person that is promiscuous or immoral. Immorality corrodes mentality and blinds vision.
6. He shall not greatly multiply silver & gold for himself.He must not be economically corrupt. He must build the commonwealth of the people and not just his own personal wealth.
7. He must be ruled by higher values. He must have the fear of God, read the Bible daily to fear and obey the Lord. Anytime people choose a leader based on these principles, they will always rejoice because the righteous is in authority. Share these truths and apply them.
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