Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Memoirs from Missions 3

Sunday was departure day, but not until we fellowshipped with the community churches who were finding it hard to cope. Numbers “1” and “2” were shared amongst us to evenly distribute us to the two churches which according to news had been chased to the borders of the community. Pardon me to call them: “churches chased to the borders of a border”.After walking for what seemed like over 15 mins to the outskirt, we got to the church… As service started, I saw that God could still be worshipped in spite of challenges and trials, there was a strong bond between both churches as the pastor of “church 2” recounted some of his experiences there and how they survived thus far,
my heart was heavy with compassion as I weighed it with the so called “men of god” in the cities, who have made themselves “gods of men” and are carelessly driven by their greed and consumed with covetousness. At that point I could dare any of them in the face to pastor any of these community churches if they were brave enough.

 Anyway, am not here to beef anybody, but to let you know like my father says “your condition no matter how bad, cannot be the worst” if only you can look beyond and see life from a compassionate lens. We don’t have to go to the rural areas or jungles to have an impact but we can from where we are to our immediate societies and extend a hand of hope to those in need of both the gospel (good news) and the light we possess.We can shelter those in ignorance with the robe of knowledge especially when we understand that every seed sown has a potential of bearing fruits.

I boarded the bus to leave,only to look down from the window and see some teens look up to us like the Israelites looked up to the engraved serpent; and to my surprise a boy asked for a Bible. He got someone’s Bible; the driver ignited the bus’ engine; I got my phone, stuck the buds of my ear-piece into my ears, scrolled my phone’s music playlist to Mali Music’s “Beautiful” as we wished the villagers all of God’s promises and waved bye to the land of Ojor.

“It’s a blessing to see people, with their heads up to the sky still
And honestly for those same people, life can be so real.
Am amazed by all their strengths I am, and am grateful they came through
So I take this time to stop a moment, and show my gratitude
I put my lighters in the air for them, I see what they do and I see what they’re going through

I put my lighters in the air for Love- It’s Beautiful! It’s Beautiful!”

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. See what I picked from this post. Favour's quotes:

    " . . . I saw that God could still be worshipped in spite of challenges and trials . . ."

    "Your condition, no matter how bad cannot be the worse"

    Welcome back sweetie!

  2. Speechless! I just may have to return to know what to say. Anyway, your post filled my heart with warmth and I wish I was there. Yeah! I'd find my speech bud :).

    Well done
    Big hugs and kisses to all of you 'soldiers of Christ.' May God mightily reward you all for your services.

  3. “your condition no matter how bad, cannot be the worst” if only you can look beyond and see life from a compassionate lens. I love this line.

  4. Hmmmmm finally you are back. Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing how helpful you are to an helpless societies. This is just the beggining, I encourage you to always look forward to attend more of such an event.

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