Friday, November 27, 2015

The Exam

Last month, I started work in an hospital and my eyes have seen and ears heard what I can’t even begin to remember. I’ve always underestimated the importance of life and knowing your HIV status until I started work. I never knew my little community had such an alarming amount of HIV positive individuals and the mere thought of it filled me with goose bumps. My prayers every morning is filled with thanksgiving. As in I am so THANKFUL. A lot of things I do effortlessly people pay so they can be assisted to do it and even at that it involves a lot of pains.

I am so so sorry for my absence, this last two weeks has been hell. It felt as though all the prayers I have made were not ascending to the heavens and as if God decided not to just listen. Trust me its hard to keep believing God for something when the answer doesn’t show up. While dressing to go out yesterday, the Holy Spirit said “ you know how you go for classes everyday and the lecturer talks and talks and talks and he does that for months? And I answered ‘yes” then he said “ when the exam finally comes, he just gives you the question sits on a chair and watch you solve the problem” and I said “ok???” then he says “ if you have read for that exam, it will be an easy task for you, it’s not like you don’t know the answer all you have to do is cast your mind back to the lessons and the answer would show up”  and I’m like WOW!!!

That was how my perspective changed from God where are you? To Lord I know you are with me always.

I once told a friend that if not for the fact that I am a Christian I would have just said the devil decided to handle my folder this last two weeks but God forbid that is so not possible. First I had issues paying for school fees and accommodation which I’m still battling with. Who has heard of this Remita thing? JEEZ!!!!! That thing is all shades of terrible. Apparently my school decided to adopt that as a method of payment of fees because baba bubu said so (gist for another day, I really don’t want to make this post long). After that my PC just decided to pack up #choi# this one eh… I nefer experred it ( in duru’s voice).  Things just went from bad-worse-worst.

I don’t feel as awful as I did few days ago, I’m a lot better now. I don’t worry as much. I believe its going to be sorted out. I believe I’m writing my exams and God is invigilating and I’m casting my mind back to the lessons so I can answer  my questions and get out of this hall and read more incase I have to write another. If God can’t do it ,let it not be done.

I’m back.

P .s thanks to moby and amaka for the sisterhood of the bloggers award nomination. Will get back to that asap.

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. God will never leave nor forsake us. He knows what we are going through. And in his time he will pave way for us.

  2. "because He bends down to listen, I will always pray as long as I have breath" This is my new pledge. A lot has been gong down but I know I have Him. And I am good. This post has spoken to me in a way you'd never understand.
    thank you.

  3. hhhmmmnn... Hmmmmnnn.. You see yeah Nne.. I was reading and taking notes of "ghen ghenLY high" lines.. and then I read this line below and it DID it for me.. you know nah Baby mi,.. the line that went:

    "If God can’t do it ,let it not be done."

    Trust me Nne.. When we get to a point in our life that we trust GOD with all our issues.. ENTIRELY!!! Then he will show to us Graces that we neVef hexSpeRRed.. GOD gats you FavourMilo.. Dance like no one is watching and trust him entirely Bubba.. he gats you... he gats me.. he gats us.. You will be alright Nne.. I promise You will.

    Please permit me to leave you with 2 quotes that changed my life entirely:

    1. A heart of Gratitude opens doors of opportunities- The Legendary Janyl Benyl

    2. At the end of everything.. everything will be alright.. so if everything is not alright now.. then you are not at the end, so never give up on you dreams. xx Thanks for the menSHion of life.. I dedicate it to the amazing :)

  4. God will always make a way where there seems to be no way.

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