Sunday, November 8, 2015

Yay!!! its Pastors appreciation day.

 Today l celebrate a man who teaches the word of God, the word of truth that gives the people  power…the power of love… the love of God!
A man who not only hugs the sheep but touches the heart of the flock.
The sheep know his voice and are blessed by his presence.
A man who teaches the medicinal benefit of laughter and the financial benefits of giving.
A man whose singing brings light into dark places and pierces the heart into conviction.
A man whose smile actually means “ I love you”.
A man whose eyes say “ I’m praying for you”.
A man whose lessons from the pulpit make you jump you and say” I can take the word, bring it on.
A man who everyone has heard of, most people know, who many people want, but l have him! Because he choose to stay my shepherd.

A man l appreciate and love, and who l am proud to call MY PASTOR!

Today l celebrate you Pastor Emeka Nwokike. Dominion city Nsukka celebrate you sir. 

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. Does your pastor have a name? Wonderful family

    More annoiting

  2. wow! I pray for more Grace for him and his lovely family.
    what a cute baby!

    favour moyse, God will bless you for this. Amen.
    have a wonderful week!!!

  3. May God's grace continue to abound in his life

  4. Awwwwh thanks for celebrating your pastor may God honor you and cause people to celebrate you too..

  5. hello favour moyse, I nominated you for the Gratitude challenge please kindly follow the link below for more information. thank you.


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