Monday, November 16, 2015

Why I started blogging.

I think I can talk to save my life. No jokes. Guess that’s one of the stuffs I’m really at  good amongst other stuffs. I tell people that l’m an introvert-extrovert, I can spend a full year in my room just give me internet access, food, books, a couple of movies and please don’t forget my bible.

Sometimes, it gets pretty lonely and l’m soooooo bored and when I get into this mood I write a lot. Poems, articles, speeches, anything. A friend introduced me to triond team and I wrote for them but kept getting my articles rejected. I tried fiverr… didn’t work. Well I was able to write for my faculty’s magazine. So, I decided to turn my rejection slips into opportunity and I needed a place I can talk to myself and others, I wanted to share my ideas to the world. And this fateful day while lying on my bed gisting with my younger brother he said “why don’t you start a blog?” and that was how it all started. The first original article I wrote was RESIDENCE PAIN and it has been used by several blogs on line.

I started blogging because I love gist, I wanted to interact with people, make friends, smile , be crazy, meet people, share my opinions and random thoughts. I started blogging because I wanted to meet you, allow you read this. I love what l’mdoing, it drives me crazy. In the midst of tight schedules, crazy praticals and classes, church activities and this boisterous attitude of mine, it feels good to sit on my PC and just type.
The most difficult part of a job is starting it. So  my question today is ‘ what one thing would you do, if you know you wont fail?’. Now go and do it.

I’m outta here. And oh… I always have an issue with the ending part of my stories… l’m still learning how to end well.

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Nosakhare favour osayuwamen


  1. I noticed you are in introvert really. I sincerely cant start explaining how I know...I don tire. Goodnight.

  2. Goodmorning Favour!
    you do not have any issue ending your stories.....just get out of the box.

    "our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. our deepest is that we are powerful beyond measure....we ask ourselves who am i to be gorgeous, talented and fabulous?
    who are you not to be?
    we were created to manifest the glory of God........"

    so I challenge you favour. write a story let it be from your heart.....yes...think deep and with the ending in a very fabulous way!

    now do it! I challenge! your very next post, I dare you as a blogger!

    do it now!

  3. Lolz favour there is no doubt you are a gifted writer and i enjoy your articles never noticed the ending as not being perfect..

  4. Whao! Favour, it looks like we started for the same reasons. I like to talk and share too. I was also rejected on many occasions. We really do share a similar experience.

    How/Why My Blog Started

  5. nice

  6. To meet me? Oh just deed. Everyone have reasons for committing so much time on writing and blogging.

    Take care.

  7. Skibo ro bo Skibo! Skibor Ro boR Skiborrrr! Oooossshheey baDdest! **Cleans forehead,... Ghen Ghen ! See FavourMilo going all serious on us eh! I must say that ya doing a great Job with Blogger eh! i mean it eez 1 heLLuvEr work to constantly churn out Articles that are apt and inspiring.. and you do so oh! so! well! Weldone Nne...

    Like i say to many Bloggers.. Do make sure yeah.. that when your time on here is done eh! You achieve your why! Cause i mean.. daRRisAll that really matters isnt it?!.. That you make the mark.

    Cheers Bubba.. and Weldone. Keep Dancing like no one is Watching... #37DaysToChristmas. oshey!

  8. Got me smiling all the way darling. The ease at which you make your words come alive. Have a fabulous weekend.

  9. You are doing a good job here. I'm so impressed.

  10. I nominated you for the sisterhood of the world bloggers award.

  11. bloggn should be born out of passion for something..nice one dearie

    Glowyshoes's blog

    My Facebook

  12. I am not a writer but I do write. I believe there are no rules set, even if there are, bend them to fit into your style of writing, that way nne, you will have little or no issue starting/ending any write-up. Weldone.

  13. Blogging is therapeutic..... ........ Please dont stop....

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