Wednesday, August 31, 2016

11 things to expect in an average bus trip in naija

Sometimes, when traveling I usually log off to dream land. I try to juggle a lot of activities - read, listen to music and eat. But I can't remember any journey I made without sleeping, I just have to. Its a prerequisite for me. One time I slept through out the journey with my head on my neighbours shoulder. God bless that fellow, he just smiled at me when I woke up and jokingly asked for a pay. So here are 11 Things to expect in an average bus trip in Nigeria;

1) Someone eating something (usually weird)
2) Someone else using their phone playing music watching videos and drawing attention
3) Someone who gently logs off (in sleep) from the start
4) Two people who came together discussing any and everything almost throughout the journey
5) Someone alert and steadily watching as we go (like the night's watch)
6) Someone drugged with sleep & whose head vehemently moves up and down like a wrecking ball
7) A bus driver who probably thinks he's better than Jason Statham...
8) someone who tries to teach the driver how to drive.
9) those that refuse to come out of the restuarant on time when the bus stops for refreshment
10) someone that will carry plenty load and delay the bus from moving on time cos he's still bargaining
11)The ones that keep disturbing the driver that they want to urinate
Which numbers can you relate to most or Where do you usually fall in?

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  1. I can relate with No. 2 "Someone else using their phone playing music watching videos" But aspa using it to draw attention, I don't know about I just do my thing not minding who is observing me.

    Egwumba’s Blog

    1. Lolz that the spelling..I don adopt that one too o

  2. No 4 kill it, especially those from the same tribe.

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  3. Hahaha, I hate to see people sleep in the bus like seriously, It irritates me Lol and that playing of music and the music will be so high....issssh I hate. Am always alert and steadily watching as we go hehe, I no fit shout oh before them carry me pass my b/stop..Lol.

  4. Lol. I love Nigeria. I can relate to EVERYTHING here.

    Two days ago, I was on a bus with a friend (Frances), we gisted and laughed out loud unconsciously. Didn't realize until everybody looked back. (And we were seated at the back seat. You should have seen their eyes!)

  5. Chei. People can eat rubbish in buses. One guy ate egg,groundnut n LaCasera.


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