Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Poem on idioms

Every Cloud has a silver lining:
I've looked up to the sky,
Counted all the clouds with a silver lining,
There are none
Not one single trace of silver in the grey.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder:
I left my heart alone,
My absence was present,
Fonder, it did grow.

Actions speak louder than words:
I asked my actions,
In hushed tones,
How loudly they could speak.
I received no reply.

All's well,that ends well:
when my day ended well,
Nothing else seemed to be ...
All was not at ease.

All roads lead to Rome:
jumping into a taxi,
The driver asked me where to go.
Roads don't carry overseas.

Bark is worse than one's bite :
I nipped my dog on the nose,
His bark was but a tip.
He jumped up and bit my own,
Which is now bleeding from its tip.

Beauty is only skin deep:
With this,I cannot disagree
My cat was so pretty,
But then,
I ripped off it's skin.

Beggars can't be choosers:
He begged for me to stay,
Then,chose someone else.
He was a beggar, he chose.
What's left to say?

Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush:
I found a bird,the other day.Picked him up,
In my hand he shall stay. But,oh,
I must have held too tight. In my hand, dead, he lay
There's two in the bush, still alive

Blood is thicker than water:
Have I blood?
You cut me deep,
And my heart shot you ice.

The customer is always right:
At my lemonade stand,
He put one dollar in my hand.
I gave him back fifty cents,
He asked for fifty more...idiot

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