Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sweet Secret

Keeping secret is a lonely business. That's why we all search for someone to confide in. An ally who will understand, an advisor we can trust, a friend who will never judge. Of course, not everyone you tell your secrets to will be happy about it.

Juicy pieces of private info are everywhere and it seems you are always stumbling on them accidentally even when you don't mean to. Some are salacious, some are harmless, but many are more complicated and become a burden. So how do you keep a sweet secret?

1. Keep Quiet.
The first rule of keeping a secret is Don't tell. When a friend confides in you ,no matter how tempting it may be do not break your promise of silence.

2. Let them tell.
You can't always keep a secret and sometimes you shoudn't. If someone tells you a secret that is harmful to another person then its time to spill.But before you spill tell your friend about it and why you feel its necessary.

3. If you must tell ask first.
If you are privy to information someone ought to know don't automatically blab. Some people don't like to hear the truth especially if it's going to hurt.

4.Disclose,don't attack.
When you have to share a disturbing secret, frame your disclosure as a personal observation.

5.Understand privacy versus secrecy.
Other People's private business is not your story to tell- Belleghem.But telling your version of an event, what you saw,felt is your business.

6. Consider the impact.
If withholding your secret will make a someone make a bad decision then it's time to spill.

7. Shut your ears.
Sometimes its better to avoid the pressure of taking on someone else's secret.

Yes we all need help hiding the darkest truths of our lives because as soon as you have told one secret another is likely to appear.

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