Saturday, November 23, 2013

Verbal Diarrhoea

Statuary warning ;This SHOULD be taken as an expert opinion,please DO NOT seek the advice of your health care professional.I am an expert in this field and my word is final, gospel even.Again, do not seek ths advice of your health care professional.#yay!!!!#

Synonym; squealer,blabber mouth,gasbag,energy vampire.

We all know someone who talks too much and sometimes you are like 'damn,isn't there an off button?' so we revert to monologues thinking they will get the message and just shut it. Everyone likes to be heard.There's nothing wrong with wanting people to know your opinions or feelings. However, expressing yourself could be a glitch in your character when its excessive and begins to annoy people around you or worse brings embarrassment.

It's one thing to be sociable and chatty; it's another thing to monopolize conversations over and over. When it comes to expressing yourself how much is too much?
Here are possible indicators that you are way out of line.

1.Assess your usual conversations; ask questions like who truthfully did the majority of the talking?,how often did I interrupt my friend?,did we talk about me more or my friend?

2. Pay attention to the body language of others; do people roll their eyes,tap their foot impatiently, nod their head,throw out irrelevant ''yeahs" and "uh-huhs" or even ignore you completely when you talk?

3. Do you find yourself often giving away bits of information you don't mean to?or maybe you let slip hurtful or rude opinions about other people. Note how often this happens in everyday conversations. If found guilty then its time to

fix the problem.

1. make a conscious effort to listen more and talk less.

2.Don't fill all the dead air.Pauses in conversations are another person's thinking time,some people like to think and compose their answers carefully. Don't feel you need to jump in, doing so swallows them up and throws them off their answers.

3. Avoid elaborating on a topic. learn to be precise.

4. Remember that a good conversation is a back and forth rally. If someone asks you a question about your holiday after giving a precise reply,you could in turn ask if they are planning a trip.

5. Consider the cause and effect.

6 . learn to stop interrupting people.

Don't be afraid to apologize if someone informs you either openly or subtly that you are talking too much. lndeed, it's a great chance to practice breaking the habit by shutting up there and then and listening instead.

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