Saturday, August 29, 2015

My opinion; Sisters ordered to be raped and paraded around Naked take appeal to India supreme Court

Take a look at this scenario; your brother- good health, sound mind, not physically challenged, responsible(maybe) starts dating a lady. From stolen glances ,hidden calls, moderate touch to tasting the forbidden fruit they suddenly realized they can't get enough of each other and really want to make their relationship permanent. Here comes the glitch; she's married!!!

All this while he's being having an affair and worse is it’s a grave offence in your part of the world. Let's just say you try talking some sense into his head and he refused to listen. Alas, you wake up one morning to discover dude has eloped with her. The community is on fire and eyes and voices are raised, tempers flaring.  The husband of the lady is furious.
Judgement; you and your sister will be raped and paraded around the community naked.
This is the state of TWO INDIAN SISTERS. Here's where I have a really huge problem.
1. How does that help the situation?
2. Does it give the man back his wife?
3. Will it bring the eloped couples home? Cos I'm very sure both of them will be punished if not killed if they ever attempt to come back.
4. Who made this dumb decision?
5. Seriously, why punish the sisters? why not the sisters or even the mother of the woman that eloped with the dude.
I hardly write feminist post but sometimes I think the only crime we commited was that we were born women.  Currently over 20,000 people have signed a petition on Amnesty international that this disgusting rule not happen.

You might think "hey, that doesn't happen in nigeria" yes it doesn't but what if it takes an entirely different form? While writing this post a scripture comes to man " the sin of the father shall be visited upon the children even to the fourth generation". In this case its the sin of the brother.

I'm just too tired to think. Painful.

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. Its just painful that in some part of the world,women are not valued but treated like some piece of crap..i pray those girls are saved

    Glowyshoe blog

  2. The petitions are on the increase, I think they will be stopped
    Nma's Blog 

  3. I saw it as well

    Senseless decision. What's their own? At times, we need to appreciate God for the part of the world we come from!!!

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