Tuesday, August 18, 2015


no mind my face o jare... haven't had a decent sleep in days.

On Saturday, l wen to the market to get some stuffs. While i was there , my friend Mexx asked me to help him visit the bookshop and that was where i saw NO MORE SHEETS by Juanita Bynum. She's really one of my favourite female preachers and since that time l've been so blessed by this book l can't explain it.

Some years ago,at the singles’ conference, sponsored by fellow evangelist T.D. Jakes, Bynum spoke to her audience in plain, smoky-nightclub language about her battle with the flesh and her longing for a husband. The bedsheets represented all the empty sex she’d had with men.
“Why am I not married?” she cried. “But I find it very difficult to listen to anybody preach to me about being single when they got a pair of thighs in [their] bed every night … and you keep telling me to ‘Hold on, honey, stay there by yourself’ … and you goin’ home to big old muscles and thighs? … I wanna hear ‘hold on’ from somebody that knows my struggle!”
Her sermon that day in 1997 culminated with what she said was a dropping of the sheets, signaling that she was repentant, done with premarital sex and ready for a man delivered by none other than the Holy Ghost.
“I don’t wanna be disillusioned, I want a man of God, a praying man … a man that loves his mama and respects his sisters. … Say ‘Yeah!’ ” she hollered.(mehn.... this woman has so much energy). No more sheets is not only about sex it also give you the steps to take to break from all addictions keeping you bound up, including drugs, toxic relatipnships as well as mental, emotional, and physical slavery situations. You will discover answers to questions you've been wondering about. Yes!There is a world of peace and love waiting for you- step into it today.
You can get the book in a bookshop closest to you for a paltry sum.l got mine for N800 

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Nosakhare Favour Osayuwamen


  1. Seems really interesting indeed, greetings!

  2. "The bedsheets represented all the empty sex she’d had with men"

    Ghen Ghen! Hmmnnn.. Issorait! It is well with our soul..

  3. Will look out for this book..


  4. Good choice.

    ckjacob.blogspot.com for suspense stories

  5. Wow this seems interesting - many women are looking for the flesh of their flesh and sometimes it is difficult for them to relate to those who have theirs already. I think this is worth reading and I will buy a copy now - Apple store here I come lol

  6. Another book for me. My bookshelf is getting filled up.



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