Monday, August 24, 2015

SMH post!!!

“I saw the text messages from other women before we got married. My parents warned me but I married him anyway, without their permission. I thought he’d change. Now he leaves for days at a time. He tells me: ‘Calm down. It’s nothing. They come and go. But I live with you.’ But I can’t calm down. I think about it all the time. Whenever he’s out, I think about it. I try to keep busy and calm my mind but it’s gotten so bad that I’m seeing a doctor.”
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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. I dunno what to say. But she has to carry her cross.

  2. She actually saw the signs before she married him.
    pheezy's corner

  3. Hian! You saw the green Light and still plunged in?! nawa oh! Your case ehnnn.. It requires dipping of cane in Kerosene.. Highlighting with Red pepper and whooping your Naked Bum Bum.. I mean how do you think a man that was a 'Sleep Around' before you married him will change all of a sudden cause of you.. nawa oh! Marriage Eeezz neFer deep like that eh! Its sad when i read of Women in such situations.. cause i fear for them Health wise.. Oh well... It is well with her oh!

    **Whispers.. Favor toh Sure... I actually just slept off while commenting.. Tired Much.. Sex No Sorry i meant Sleep Starved :( How are you Nne..

  4. Nawa oo, some ladies. Infact we ladies

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