Tuesday, July 12, 2016


As a christian woman residing in the North or a place heavily populated by people who do not share in your religious sentiments, I do not think it is wise to wake up at 5am and embark on a morning cry ALONE.

You love God and you are acting out the great commission; this is fantastic but wisdom is profitable to direct.

My church had to suspend some night vigils because of a budding unrest in the town...and when all seemed to have settled, we re-started. You can not be wiser than these men of GOD.

And please, do not come here and tell me how the disciples were persecuted. I probably know that more than you do.

I hate seeing my sisters and mamas get killed(many of them do not make headlines). Until the government addresses this, stay safe and stay alive.


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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. Okogie warns christians to stop preaching in hostile areas. He said we should apply wisdom

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    1. Wisdom is profitable to direct.... That's all i have to say

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  2. Exactly,some christain think they are in the days of old feeling like they wont be persecuted for calling his name or spreading the gospel.and they like to do oversabi as if na dem kee Jesus ,he who has ears let him hear,apply wisdom always

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