Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Life Lessons from my failed Oha soup!

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Okro was my favorite soup until it started making me frequent the ladies and I had to switch to a second best option - Oha soup. But, I have never made oha soup in my life even though I once saw my friend prepare it. So I went to the market, got all the necessary stuffs and started with the preparation with the help of some you tube videos and a roommate who was reluctantly giving instructions. Well..
. The soup came out well even though the vegetable was really much and eating it made me felt like a vegetarian. So here are some life lessons that my Oha so taught me.
1. Don’t be afraid to try.I was so scared it wouldn't come out well and even though it didn't exactly taste like the one I usually buy from fast food, it was close. Preparing that meal helped my confidence and yes I will try it again.
2. There's a time for everything. I should have just removed the Fish after steaming but no I didn't and I'm still looking for my Fish inside the soup till now. The Fish perished in the soup.
3. Never underestimate anyone. I didn't want to add stock Fish but it actually stood the heat test.
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4. When in doubt, ask for help. Even though my roommate wasn't too keen on helping out, her little response did help me. Trust me, it did.
5. Sometimes, it's good to have a plan B:never ever rush the process. I had prayers that evening I wanted to miss because my day was soooooo busy. But whop! Out of the blues I just had to go and that made me rush the process of cooking.
6. Don't be afraid to fail. If you fail try again. I will try again until I become excellent at making oha soup. 
P. S
Would have taken pictures but the kind of vegetable in that soup gives me palpitation. 

Anyone ever had such experience? 

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  1. Lol. Great lessons.

    Don't be afraid to fail. Hmm . . .

  2. come and teach me how to cook oha soup oo,i love igbo soup

  3. come and teach me how to cook oha soup oo,i love igbo soup

    1. Awwwwwwwww..... That's great. There are tutorial videos online tho

  4. I can cook oha soup with my eyes closed!I have a recipe on my blog.

  5. I love this blog already. My first time here, definitely not my last


  7. We learn from every situation don't we? Lessons learnt always look at the funny sides of things.

  8. I haven't had oha soup in FOREVER. We don't see the fresh leaves here. I'm jealous.

  9. There is no harm in trying darling. lol
    Good job by the way.

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