Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Help! These preachers are on my case.

I have never liked public transport preachers. No hard feelings but I don’t like been disturbed but I cope because they are spreading the good news and what kind of Christian would I be anyways. The ones I’m referring to are those that get into the bus when you are travelling, preach for 20 minutes and alight somewhere after collecting offering.

My initial strategy was to block my ears with music and stare when he asks everyone to pray.  Guess the angels were unhappy with my attitude and I misplaced my earpiece and somehow for some unknown reasons I didn’t buy another after losing tons of them. So, I resorted to frowning; but no matter how bad I frown these preachers would always ask me to read a verse of the bible.
There was this time I lied about not having a bible at hand, the preacher asked me to read from my phone. I still told him there was no bible on my phone he then gave me his to read. JUST IMAGINE.
These days if they are not asking me to read bible, its to say opening prayer and all the other passengers will be waiting for the fine geh to disgrace herself but then my Mom raised me well. Why exactly does the preacher look at me with pleading eyes to give offering? Is reading the bible now an excuse that I must pay offering?
My new strategy now is to bow my head and start muttering words whenever I see the preacher coming.

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare 


  1. Hahaha. . . Get ready. You are an upcoming preacher's wife. *runs away*


  2. I do listen to them sometimes. Their offering-time style is sometimes amusing or annoying.


  3. I agree with amakamedia, your future hubby wuld be a minister

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  4. Hahaha very funny


  5. but whats with collecting offering in a public bus sef?some preachers tho
    Preach and move on



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