Saturday, July 16, 2016

Can all the weirdos please step out.

I have a very short attention span. I get tired of listening easily especially when the subject of discourse is not concise.
I day dream a lot and allow my mind to wander to distant places all the time.
I makeup conversations in my head and I already have kids in my mind’s eye.

I stare into space very often and it’s only my cousin that knows this. He always gives me a nudge when having a conversation with me to be sure I’m still there.
I make friends easily and forget them that fast. I could be having an animated conversation with you this minute, work right across the room to someone else and forget that you totally exist but it’s never intentional.
I once paid a friend back for what he did to me and didn’t feel bad. I still don’t (covers face)
I like my stuff organized but I can cope with others only if we divide the room and you have your side.
I know a lot about people just by snooping on their social media account. Yes , some people are that obvious.
I know that some peoples boo are cheating on them but they don’t know because they don’t snoop. And the boo doesn’t know that I do.
I am addicted to social media.
I use one pen till it finishes. If it gets missing before then I will be soooo sad. And if I borrow you my pen, you must return it o. it has to finish in my hand.
I suck at art. You need to see the wallpaper in my room.
Who else is a weirdo like me?           

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. I hope you will find one, because am not. Staking on people online is what I do less...its nice to know you are an expert in doing though

  2. i am not... ok bye...

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  4. I cry at sad scenes in movies
    I laugh out loud at private jokes.
    I stare at people without hearing what they are saying
    No matter how noisy a place is,i can tune off any noise
    I make friends easily but i dont like having friends
    I like reading in super cold environment
    I can arrange everywhere and thrash it while looking for something
    I dont like talking
    I love staying alone
    If a preacher gets boring,i switch off and start thinking of another thing.

    If i see your face once,if i see you again in ten years time,i will recognise you.

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  5. i have combination of favour and Irene B's Trait.I am weird like n that too.Funny things i do if you hear them eeehn...lips sealed

  6. I do funny things too, most times I still write my name in a piece of paper and stock it inside my pen. My course mates say it weird because we are in the university.  

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