Monday, April 15, 2019

How a Nigerian Tailor Saved my life

The dress for my sister's trad was ready a month to the wedding. That was how bad l wanted to escape any tailor giving me gist of na only hand remain wey l never sew.
Few days to the wedding, something whispered to me 'since people are saying you have added weight, try your dress again'
I did
And it didn't fit.

Dress was way too tight, so I went to the tailor close to my office.
'adjust am small' I said. She did.
The dress started looking one kayn, it was now too big so we started adjusting o, hold the waist, no the hip is too tight, adjust this area.
Haygod! Play play o l was now looking like a Clown inside the Dress.
I took it to Naomi my friend to savage the dress but e dinnor work.
Now I am worried, wedding is tomorrow, no dress. Then she offered to make another dress entirely. 'I will jus add the Ankara at the tip it will be fine' she said
See eh, I was begging o, please make it today you hear, my sister will kee me if I don't come home with another dress.
So we discarded the old and made a fresh one. In less than 6 hours my dress was ready. I was soooo happy.
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