Saturday, April 13, 2019

The CP's Diary 4

The first day he came to the pharmacy, he made my colleague talk for over 15 minutes and didn't buy anything. Maybe that's why l remember him or Maybe its because l saw his fingers all bent backwards except his thumbs.
Every week, he comes to refill his prescription, l would dispense the Drugs, take a look at his fingers and move on. Every week, and l wondered if it had anything to do with his health.

Sometimes, he wants to stay a while in the pharmacy and talk but whenever l remember the first day, l intelligently dismiss him.
Yesterday, l asked because curiosity will not kill me. What happened to your fingers? He replied "na the biafra war na, them never born you that time ' he told me of death and how his fingers were almost cut off." as them stitch the hand, he no come straight again "
We talked about Nigeria, wars, politics, herdsmen and PVC. I sat and listened while seeing through from his eyes. Then he asked"  when will the killings stop? "
I don't know, really l don't but it can stop at this moment if we want it to.
Yesterday, on a thread someone told me not to judge Buhari too soon.  So l asked him 'are you in this country?" because it beats me how some of you still make excuses for this administration. I mean, does this man read the news at all? How insensitive can a leader be? Or is he clueless? Really, is Buhari clueless?

The CP's Diary is a new corner we are introducing. It details my experience as a community pharmacist. The downside, fun times and of course you would learn a lot.

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