Saturday, April 6, 2019

NYSC Chronicles : My call up letter

This was my exact reaction when I saw my call up letter.
Kebbi state? My God! Who did I offend? I cried!
I cried more when I went online and the only positive review l saw was that the camp was fine and had good light.
I didn't find it funny. I still don't.
The journey from Benin to kebbi took me 20 hours, all passengers were Corp members so it kinda made the trip fun.

We got to dakingari camp in the morning did our registration and l settled it.
This is the 6th day in camp and I am adjusting to the life here gradually.
The kitchen food isn't bad,
Things are pricey at mami Market,
Everyone seems really nice even the military men.
I have 10 more days to go. I hope the coming days brings love and light.
P. S. I don't have a camp boyfriend yet.

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