Saturday, April 20, 2019

Relax! God gots you.

I lost my mom six years ago, an incident I don’t like talking nor writing about. But this incident caused a profound change in the lives of everyone in the family. Fear still grips my heart whenever my sister uses mom as her display picture on social media. Every one of us still has her as our desktop background on our Pc’s.  It’s that hard to let go.

I lost a wonderful relationship because our genotype was incompatible. It was hard but I had already lost two friends to sickle cell anemia and I wasn’t going to let my kids go through that pain. So I laugh when I read stories of people finding it difficult to let go of a relationship because both partners are AS.
I have failed a lot of times.
Cheated on!
And betrayed!
I realized that this life will never be a smooth ride. Jesus said “ in this world you will have tribulations”. When life throws you lemons make lemonade and if there are no lemons still make lemonade. 
I can confidently say today that I am happy. I don’t know how we survived this far but we did and that is a huge testimony. I love my siblings eh. In fact if you see the level of love and happiness in my house you would be amazed. 
See! Don’t worry that situation will pass. Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world says the bible and his word doesn’t lie. Let all men be liars but God will never go back on his word!

Written by Jane 

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  1. Hey...I’m so sorry about your loss but glad that you opened up your heart and let God work/walk with you. I cannot even imagine what it feels like to lose a parent.
    God’s got you!
    Keep believing.
    Stay happy.
    Stay blessed.


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