Saturday, April 27, 2019

The CP's Diary 5

A patient had postnatal psychosis. She nearly killed her 3 month old baby. We see this all the time in the movies but listening to her share her experience made it even more real. Working with the mentally Unstable patients opened my eyes to a reality we all deny - Depression. And worse is, there are no adequate support systems in place.
Often, when giving patients direction for drug administration, they tell you "No be me dey take am o"
And l'd reply "ok, but still listen so that you go tell am well"
Even the family of these people live in denial of the ailment. I could feed you with stories all day but depression is real! So is other forms of mental illness.
The least you can do is to be supportive. Be Supportive! I can't emphasise this enough. A patient lost her prescription on her way to the pharmacy. Her husband kept calling her a goat in the presence of every other patient,  A senior colleaque had to caution him. Need less to say she was already crying.
You have no idea what goes on in the mind of these people. Chaos was the Word one of them used. "My mind is chaotic".He said.
Depression is not a joke. Someone close to you is dying, but you probably think" Christians don't take prozac".

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