Sunday, April 14, 2019

Year of Yes.

But it’s the idea that I’m not measuring up that gets me. I’m constantly worrying and wondering and feeling like I am failing because everywhere I look, everyone else seems to be thriving. The women around me are smiling and their kids are smiling and their houses seem clean and it all looks so great on Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook . . .Shonda Rhimes

If you've seen these movies
'How to get away with murder',
'private practice',
'Grey's Anatomy',
And Scandal then the name Shonda Rhimes won't be strange to you.
Year of Yes is a book written by Shonda and one of the best things l have read this year.
Shonda stated how she said yes to everything that scared her for a year.  She said yes to weight loss, to using her voice instead of hiding behind Yang, to real friendship and to love.
There's a lot to learn about motherhood, social media and career.
Year of Yes is a book that should be experienced and when you are done, you will learn how to dance it out, stand out in the sun and be your own person.

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