Thursday, October 10, 2013

Catching the Bouquet

You know what they say about catching the bouquet?  You will be the next to say " I do". Kate caught the bouquet when we went for a wedding and that was the beginning of never ending wedding plans that her friends including me had to put up with.

Her wedding dress must be from Vera Wang, the ring has to be diamond bearing her birthstone, he must be incurably romantic, go after her with they right trappings in place, extremely financially stable and bla bla bla. Sometimes we wondered where she got all the criterias. She was determined to walk the aisle before any of us and she did but not with a Vera Wang's dress.

She met this charmer at the mall. Yes he was handsome,generous with gifts and cash, drives a posh car, maybe comfortable and very good with words. My friend didn't get married till she had her second child and alas the Mr perfect already had three baby mamas.  She was the lucky one to wear the ring ( certainly not diamond).

My friends and I had screamed BETRAYAL!!! men are liars but what if my friend wasn't so cut up with the illusion of a perfect wedding and man,what if she was patient and wasn't focused on the money and romance. For me, I think real life begins were romance novel ends.

Patience is indeed a virtue.

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