Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Love Me Jeje,Love Me Tender

No longer ease!!! Asuu which way? Albeit, the strike continues and  am having fun with social networks which, by the way l'm addicted to.

While shopping within the week l  kinda ducked into the ladies in a bid to avoid someone; unfortunately I eavesdropped into another cupcake's conversation. She was asking her friend what should be the ideal gift from her finance to her on the big day and I impulsively blurted 2013 Rolls- Royce Ghost by Vorsteiner#gasps#.
The ladies demanded to know why*oops * so I said

1. I will so love his mum she will know JESUS is real. I will visit her once a week whether she leaves near or far, if she ask me to go a yard I will take a mile,if she asks me to jump I will ask how far,she will be my Godmother,role model and prayer partner.

2. Because I am princess# cos my father is the king of kings#; you see  I'm meant to ride a carriage and walk on red carpet with my entourage but am willing to give all these away just for a little price - the car.

3. He is my Tomato - Jos... You see very soon am gonna be doing the wifey job and since dere's no specific salary for that job. I decided to use this as a start up capital for the job.

4. Finally because he loves JESUS; Yes he that giveth to the poor lendeth to the lord, and God loves a cheerful giver. So when I get my Rolls- Royce, the lord God will reward him a thousand fold.
After giving these reasons to the ladies I fled...just as I'm doing now....xoxo



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