Friday, April 10, 2015

Cutest Pick up lines ever.

You know the scene: you're out with your girls, unwinding from a long day with a couple of drinks and over strides Mr. Sleaze Ball and one of his infamous pickup lines: " I’ve got a very special delivery for you. Where should I put my package, in the front or in the back?" Seriously, dude? Pickup lines are a tricky business. Oftentimes, they're creepy to the point of deserving a slap. When they're not creepy, they're so corny that they warrant an eye roll so gloriously dramatic, sarcastic, and spiteful that the shame-stink of it will haunt you forever, like the spray of a skunk. And they don't make tomato juice that can wash shame-stink off of your soul.
A good pickup line is hard to come by (and you have to give the guy credit for at least making the first move), but here are 8 pickup lines that rank as the best of the "best." They may not get him your digits, but at the very least he won't leave with your handprint across his cheek. We'll definitely roll our eyes and groan, but these pickup lines are just cheesy enough to actually break the ice. And that's what makes a winning line in my book.

1. My buddies bet that i wouldn't be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the bar.Wanna buy some drinks with their money (I'd love to).

2. Pinch me.(why?) You're so fine. I must be dreaming.

3. Excuse me, I don't want you yo think l'm ridiculous or anything, but you are the most beautiful girl l have ever seen. l just felt like l had to tell you.

4. So, what do you do for a living besides making all the men excited and warm all over?

5.  So there you are! l've been looking all over for YOU. the woman of my dreams!

6.  Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

7. I'm sorry, where you talking to me? (no) Well then, please start.

8. Hi, i'm writing a term paper on the finer things in life. l was wondering if i could interview you.

And the worst pick up line i've ever heard was when a dude walked up to me and said" hey my name is xxx and i'm a deporteee" like seriously?

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Nosakhare favour osayuwamen


  1. Replies
    1. Cinderellla hun.. Fanks u sooo much. I'm glad u enjoyed it

  2. Favour, I dey Vex Gidi gan. Why aren't you posting on the regular? Just agree that you are stingy. Starving all of us gist to read? Why now? Stingy geh. Make sure you find time to stay in touch here everyday. Happy weekend.

    1. Lolz.. @ anonymous.. I'm not stingy o.. Its sch that is eating my time o

  3. Replies
    1. any of them.... depending on the situation.

  4. Is it true that beautiful girls enjoy company?

  5. Is it true that beautiful girls enjoy company?

    1. i think all girls enjoy company...tanks for dropping by...u made my day

  6. Enter your comment...Can these lines work for an average naija chic...I doubt
    Favour,we r in Naija, we r Nigerians ..stuffs like this should relate to naija. These lines r typical oyibo lines dat an AVERAGE naija chic wouldnt be able to comprehend at first n just feel u r a cheap joke. #JustSaying

    1. Fanks anonymous.. I think these lines will work depending on how it is said and the occassion. You don't spit out a pick up line like an early morning greeting. If you're gonna get her attention. You have to do it wif finesse and class. Tanks for dropping by hun

  7. Lol... That photo up there does it for me. Totally cracked me up.

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  11. Lol... That photo up there does it for me. Totally cracked me up.i have got some more i googled across.
    All Pick Up Lines !

  12. Nice blog.Very nice one. Thank you and all the best. All Pick Up Lines!Totally cracked me up.


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