Tuesday, April 7, 2015


“Rest in peace” is too peaceable,
 And a grave yard’s peace is impeccable.
But it is borne out of a peaceless world,
A world whose pieces I bear as I berth
In this grave, in this war I did not survive.

I’m a spirit, we do not speak,
But I hear the heartbeat of ghosts squeak.
And it’s the same language we spoke they speak,
The language we spoke, you and me,
All those years we were not born.

I stare harder with eyeless gaze,
And I understand this lifeless phase.
Before our birth, we’re brothers. Our base,
Our spirits devoid of craze.
For spirit do not have tribes.
No, we’re like birds, freedom’s our vibe.

Yes, you’re my brother b’fore we’re born,
Before that day we’re sent to live.
You said goodbye and picked a womb.
Your mother was a mongoloid.
I said goodbye and picked a womb.
My mother was a fine negroid.
Our many playmates too chose their wombs.
And their mothers were caucasoid.

But we were brothers before our birth.
Yes brother, we were brothers.

But once we left the portal of the womb,
We never would remember this till we meet our tombs.
So may I remind you yet mortal man,
That on that day you struck me down,
On that battlefield, Oh hell!
It was a brother’s blood that fell.

And though that white womb which you chose,
Made you white with cheeks of rose,
Though that black womb which I picked,
Made me black and my nose thick,
Know brother b’fore it’s too late to turn;
The tomb through which we’ll all return,
None shall ever bear our tribes.

There are no tribes in the graveyard,
No wars.
We all simply get to rest in peace.

So maybe, when you’ve read this piece,
A letter Dives coerced from Abraham,
You’ll then learn to live as one,
And not wait till death,
You can finally rest in peace.


                                                Nwokolo, Gabriel Chinwuba.

P.S remember i said one of the events  April is known for is national poetry month. And i also promised i will be doing a post on each of the events,well, here is the first one. Nwokolo Gabriel is one of the most amazing writers i know, he's so ethereal and you can see for yourself already.
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  1. Whao, if only everyone would choose to see Life this way then maybe, just maybe there won't be so much bloodshed....Awesome piece left me pondering, I wonder who my brother was before dis Life, maybe Obama or Osama.

  2. Beautifully written! Articulate with a sense of humour!! I love this! Please keep it up, the Lord is your strength.

  3. *Deep sigh* so true! The world will be so peaceful if only we can see ourselves as one. God help us (Amen). Kindly visit www.thepinkjournalng.blogspot.com.

  4. Wow,am Filled wit Awe,beautiful Piece promotes Peace & Luv den Eliminates Tribalism.How du I get dis Often Favour????As in How du I often c Wateva Piece cons up?????

    1. fanks for the compliment Omale... jus check in daily,,we always have somefin to make your day

  5. This is beautiful. Flawlessly written


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