Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Favourmoyseblog Giveaway 5

Hey lovelies, its another giveaway time!!! Yay!!! Ok, we’ve done 4 giveaways and this is the recap.
For those who didn’t get, emmm…you can now apply for the giveaway #heheheh#. The novels are in epub format. This means you need to have an epub/fb reader to be able to access the file. You can download that on google playstore or BB world. Grisham’s novels are in pdf format.
So here we go… these are the lists of novels I’m giving out

James Patterson

       1.       Jack and jill
       2.       Roses are red
       3.       Violets are blue
       4.       Kiss the girls
       5.       Cat and mouse
       6.       Pop goes the weasel
       7.       Mary mary
       8.       Alex cross trial
       9.       Alex cross
      10.   Along came the spider
      11.   Hide and seek
      12.   Kill Alex Cross
      13.   Alex cross, run
      14.   London bridges
      15.   Maximum ride 2, 3, 4, and 5
      16.   One door away from heaven
      17.   Step on
      18.   Big bad wolf
      19.   Fifth horseman
      20.   Sixth target
      21.   Third degree
      22. Woman club 7 and 8

Chimamanda Adichie

        1.       Purple hibiscus
        2.       Half of a yellow sun
        3.       The thing around your neck
        4.       We should all be feminist
        5.       Americanah

John Grisham

        1.       The pelican brief
        2.       The chambers
        3.       Runaway jury
        4.       Painted house
        5.       The testament
        6.       Summons
        7.       King of torts
        8.       Skipping Christmas
        9.       The client
       10.   The rainmaker
       11.   Street lawyer
       12.   The broker
       13.   The appeal
       14.   The firm

Karen Kingsbury

         1.       A thousand tomorrow
         2.       Between Sundays
         3.       Beyond Tuesdays
         4.       Chance
         5.       Coming home
         6.       Even now
         7.       Ever after
         8.       Longing
         9.       Leaving
        10.   Learning
        11.   Found
        12.   Loving
       13.   Red gloves
       14.   Redemption
       15.   Rejoice
       16.   Remember
       17.   Return
       18.   Reunion
       19.   This side of heaven
       20.   Time to dance
       21.   Treasury of miracles.
You know how we roll na, drop your email in the comment section and specify the novels you want and you will get it asap… and please for Oliver Twist them make una da patient I go send am jejely

Your comments are like butter to my bread.. Pleeeaaassssseeee don't starve me!!! Follow us on twiter HERE like our page on facebook HERE Share this post to your friends, families.enemies infact everyone. FMB loves you.

Nosakhare favour osayuwamen


  1. I want them all :D

    1. wow... gimme small time pls... i know i've been awol

  2. hello, just came across your blog. i hope the giveaway is still on. i would love to read adichie's the thing around your neck. graceagbans@yahoo,com

  3. I'm not much of a reader but I would have liked Kris Collections, if still available.

  4. Ehmmm... Still thinking! Ah dont really do like novels sha,...

  5. How come I haven't heard of you? Can I get all of Karen Kingsbury's books. I am a great fan. I would also like have the thing around your neck, Americanah and we should be feminist by Chimamanda. Thanks in advance.

  6. i will like to read all. pls send. am oliver Nice One> thumbs up to u.

  7. Please, I want all of Karen Kingsbury novels u listed and Chimamanda Adichie
    My email add is

  8. Hi, I would really love chimamanda's the thing around your neck, any of nice 2 of john grisham's and then all of Karen Kingsbury. My email address is Thank you

  9. Hello dear. I want them all. I read a lot. God bless you. My email address is

  10. Hello dear. I want them all. I read a lot. God bless you. My email address is

  11. Good morning. I would like to read them all . starting with Karen Kingsbury. I have read the redemption series tho. Kindly respond. I want them all. My email address is

  12. Hi, Favour, new to your blog but it looks interesting. I like your writing. I hope the giveaway isn't closed as I just came across the entry today. Please can I have all the books for Chimamanda Adichie, James Patterson and John Grisham sent to Thanks a lot in advance.

  13. Hello ma'am, I wish I had come across your blog earlier. I'm a novel-lover. Pleassssseeeeee, can I have them all. My email address is Thanks a lot in advance.

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