Saturday, April 25, 2015

What's in your Bag

My bag is like my best friend. It comes with me everywhere and holds all of my secrets. Okay, maybe not my secrets, but if you dumped it I might be embarrassed as to what you find, but I digress. My #bag has tons of stuff in it. Some things, like my wallet and keys, are obvious, but
what about the other #things? These are a few things that every woman should have in her bag...

  1. Hand Sanitizers
 From  pushing cart the at the grocery store to visiting the ATM, shaking hands and occasional sneezing. Hand sanitizers helps prevent you and anyone you come in contact with from yucky germs.

2. Tissues
It's something your mother always told you to take, but a pack of Kleenex sure comes in handy when you're in the public toilet and you're confronted with your worst fear: an empty toilet
paper roll. Trust us on this one.

3.  Perfume.
Hide a multitude of smelly sins with a sample of your favourite scent... and give him something (nice) to remember you by as you drift past.

4.  Compact mirror
Call us vain, but you'll thank us later when you're the one to realise you've got some cake stuck in your teeth... not the cute guy you've been flirting in the box office

5.  Red lipstick
A ruby-red lippie can instantly take your work ensemble to va- va-voom in seconds. Forget the smokey eyes; a bold red lip will add instant glamour to any outfit

Do not forget your pen, stick it note and Identiy cards. 

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  1. Lol, I think every bag should contain alcohol gel. In my bag yiu will always find my debit and credit cards, house keys, pen and paper. I do not carry make up and other girly things

  2. woman palaver.....

  3. I don't usually put makeups in my bag but u can find d rest inside..

  4. I don't usually put makeups in my bag but u can find d rest inside..

  5. Right now I have wipes (baby wipes), biscuits, 3 books, my glasses, hand cream, blotting paper, biro and my purse. Bag contents are liable to change based on size of the bag.


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