Thursday, July 14, 2016

Back in the days!

Sometimes, give yourself a mad treat in this country. The  cliche ' these are perilious times' is now part of my vocab probably because its more biblical and less negative. I hardly talk about what's happening in the country cos I see all the complaints on my timeline and my heart is weary. I had to do a Facebook fast sometime ago because I just couldn't take it anymore.

This week my faculty decided to organize its regular week and even though my schedule was tight, it was a time to laugh and celebrate.

Aniebiet Jacob nailing the look 
Jennifer had everyone in stiches when she arrived. 
My consrrvative roommate came out too 

That evening was an old school party that was super cool as I heard  
I didn't partake oooo.. Don’t ask me why. 

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare 


  1. Haha those outfits are interesting! Did the regular week call for out-of-the-box attires?
    Yes to the Facebook fast! Sometimes we need to take a break off social media. Facebook and Instagram will thrive without us.
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    1. Yea.. They will thrive without us. Thanks for visiting

  2. I wanna ask u didnt partake. Stay cool

    Topmost Tree

    1. I mean y u didnt partake...i can say it again.

      Runaway* oya catch me if u can

  3. i cant see you here nah!

  4. Hmmmmmm its cool and they really appeared well. Don't know why you would like to miss such event by refusing to partake madam.

    How are you doing? I like your blog template, so cool.

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