Monday, July 25, 2016

Casting crowns 2016

Chimezie is a happy person and for someone I met online I can't really place when our friendship took root. Soon we met one on one and he gave me some really boring Christian movies and the roped me into a group called SOUNDCODE.
We had one aim - to organize a praise parade for all Christian final years in school. We were excited!
Excited final year students 

Plans were made, final year coordinators mobilized and our social media engaged.
The idea was to write your testimony in a sentence. 

We were dealt a blow when the joint Christian body rejected our idea. Then discouragement came in and at a point I even wanted to quit. I really don't know what kept me, Maybe it was my love for the committee members, or the desire to see it through no matter what. I didn't get the usual butterflies anymore like I did until few days to the program.

But! God showed up and casting crowns 2016 was a huge success. Even though rain wanted to discourage us, we were undeterred.

It was fun praising God in the rain 

I danced in the rain

And we worshipped

And it was all shades of awesome!!! 


One advice - try dancing in the rain. Its refreshing.

I don't even know what I was doing here
Footnote :

Because without Him there is no us
Because we acknowledge His help in diverse ways
Because some of us could have dropped out
Because some of us might have never come to school
Because all of us are beneficiaries of His grace
We come before Him, casting our crowns in worship...

P. S: I can't begin to say all the I have gone through in this school but I'm just grateful to God that the journey is almost over.

P. P. S.  casting crowns will not stop at UNN. Nope! We are taking this vision round the four corners of this nation.

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare 


  1. God be Praised. Congrats in Advance!

  2. Chimezie is a happy! What a way to begin. Well that's a very true statement though...and those movies were not all boring!

    Casting crowns was awesome! Can't appreciate you enough for your own role though. This post is super!

  3. We ready to take on the world now that we've Cast our Crowns... #WeInvade #TakingOver #CastingCrowns #GraduatingSet2016 #TimWinChrist #TimKnowHim...����������������

  4. congratulations Favour,I know the feel.


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