Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fashion Commandments

1. Thou shall reveal skin within reason ; whether you bare it all or leave some to the imagination. It can lessen your worth; so keep it cool, keep it classy. keep it simple. cover up.

2. Thou shall pay attention to detail: Accessories can make or break an outfit. killer heels,a statement necklace, red lipstick, those three items can turn the simplest look into Hollywood royalty.

3. Thou shall experiment : it's always good to discover what works for your body shape and height.

4. Thou shall not fall prey to trends: just because leopard print might be all the rage one season, doesn't mean a leopard print jumpsuit will necessarily be for you. keep it minimal.

5. Thou shall have a signature piece : it might be the high bun right at the crown of your head like bubu of lamlsigo or the flawless make up of Cindy Akpuru. Have a piece that defines you.

6. Thou shall have a consolidated look:just because gladiator sandals look good on their own,doesn't mean they won't channel ghetto fabolous when paired with harem pants. Examine the individual pieces, consider them together, accessorize and finally, evaluate the consolidated look in a full length mirror

7.Thou shall reinvent: creativity is the key to reinvention. just because a dress is a dress today doesn't mean it can't be a blouse or skirt tomorrow.  switch things up a bit.

8.Thou shall care for thine clothes : Read the labels. If the directions read dry clean, dry clean. If it reads hand wash, hand- wash. It really isn't rocket science.

9. Thou shall keep it simple : simplicity is the ultimate elegance.  Everything in moderation.

10. Thou shall always wear a smile : you don't need to be Julia Roberts to pull off a smile. Dressed up or down, suited for the occasion or not, a smile seals the deal with any outfit and always edges a confidence boost.

Now that you've got the scoop on the fashion commandments, strut forth and stun.


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