Friday, January 10, 2014

Beauty tips for men (2)

This style is one of my favourite!
This slick hairstyle is polished and devilishly handsome. The style. mostly comes from the cut and is easy to maintain at home.
How To Style:
1)Visit a good saloon
2)Apply a small amount of coconut butter to hair and scalp or any soft good cream.
3)Brush hair forward with a boar bristle brush.
Face Shape and Hair Density:
This style is perfect for any face shape and hair density. Round,squared,oblong name it.
You can make the top curly or wavy you know! For a statement


  1. Not bad buh u don't use hair cream b4 a hair cut bkz it lubric8z d hair & makes it hard 4 d barber to do is job.Ur hair needs friction sha just saying but itz cool


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