Monday, January 13, 2014

Respect !!! Is it really reciprocal?

Respect is not always reciprocal! Yes, I again, Respect is not always reciprocal! How can respect be reciprocated perfectly,when the world is selfish? Some people have applied The Golden Rule in their day- to-day dealings with their families, loved ones, friends, well-wishers and acquaintances, but oft these fellows treat them as piece of trash;an insignificant part of their lives. It makes one wonder if something is wrong with one or one is too forward in pleasing people. Some of us have learnt the
essences of life as God, love, respect, forgiveness, happiness and all good things that make life worth living but egocentric
individuals have made us wonder whether such essences are worth holding on to.
Most times, we feel that it is time to stop being heroes of peace [for our names most likely are not Gandhi or Mandela] and now
become villains to the courses we once championed. Imagine how man ruins his fellow man. How pathetic!
However, pausing for a while to look at the kind of life we want to plunge into, it makes us come back to our senses and realize that it is not worth it - being a villain of God, love, respect, forgiveness, happiness is drastic and makes us an enemy of all, both mortal and immortal. This realization makes us feel frustrated, for the good men we are does not pay us
and to be bad is certainly not right, and we cannot but let raindrops stream out of our eyes. How sad! But, on a closer look on the issue, I realize that there is no cause to be sad for the conclusion of the whole matter is thus: Follow peace with ALL men forgetting all wrongs done, overlooking all offences
because life is too short to form clouds for teardrops. Do good to all, spare no one until such a time when respect will be reciprocal (that will most probably not
happen here but in the world yonder)
Written by Gideon Chukwu

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