Saturday, January 4, 2014

English names For Naija Dishes.

When i stumbled on some of these names few days ago, l had to look for others. All na packaging sha. So here are english names of naija dishes/ snacks.                              

1. Kuli kuli – Peanut bars
2. Donkuwa/ Robo Alata – Hot Charcolit nuts
3. Kilichi – Beef Crackers
4. Dundun/fried yam – Yamarita
5. Fried Potato – Potarita
6. Pako (Chewing stick) – Dental Sticks
7. Boli – Barbecue Plantain
8. Roasted corn – Corn Aflame
9. Eko/Agidi – Corn Jellos
10. Moin moin – Bean pie
11. Isi ewu – Goat-hedo lickins’
12. Garri – Grain o’ fibres
13. Bokoto/ Nkwobi – Hoof salad
14. Ogi/Akamu – Corn Caramel
15. Kpof kpof – Energy Buns
16. Chin chin – Dough Rocks
17. Zobo – Juice Rosa Afrik
18. Kunnu – Grain Alive
19. Bread and Akara – Bean cake Burger
20. Ofada rice – Unpolished Rice for
21. Adalu(corn & beans) – Lentils & Grain
22. Ifokore (yam porrige) – Continental Yam
23. Agbalumo – Wild Robust Cherry.
Now you know, knowledge is power. Thank me later.

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  1. I will no longer fool myself o... Oya efizzy tins don show.. Lolz.. Me likey..

  2. Thanks me too.. I follow too for the effizy

  3. I love peanut bars. I have a story to tell about 'beef crackers'. Each time I travel to Naija, I always make sure I bring back loads of kilishi aka beef crackers. Dem no dey sell am for Mma Eliza land so I gats to stock up for a rainy day. We have a tradition at work that anyone who travels brings back something from their journey for the team. Others bring chocolates back mostly but I decided to be different and bring back some kilishi so they get to taste some Naija food.

    O the joy!! whats this Uddes - they ask? Oh its dried beef - preserved with scotcg bonnet. The naija equivalent of the South African Biltong aka beef jerky. Can I have some they respond. Oh yes please - knock your self out. But I must warn you it is a little bit spicy.

    Ok. colleague cuts a little kilishi and pops in his/her mouth. Ummm nice but a bit spicy ummmmm - they say. I watch as they turn bright red and then run off to look for some milk. *sigh* why do we like and stand pepper and our oyibo friends cant?

    1. Actually the Mr loves spicy food. Although his buds toughened after he met me.
      Me; oh dear, dinner is quite spicy
      him; of course

  4. Hahahahahah. Your comment got me rolling on the floor wif laughter.

  5. Big kisses, 4 this piece of information. Favour, shey na u give us Adiche's novels 4 SDK. Me like U. *Kisses & Hugs*

  6. Hahahah.. Na me oh.. Fanks.. Me like you too.

  7. Wow I love. Now I can b forming. I love barbecue plantain. But d mama will not ondastand.

  8. Lol at kpofkpof I have been calling it puffpuff all my life. although for some reason, i came up with puffies which was way easier for me mbok....yeah I'm very simple Lol. Naija we too like to double things. Puffpuff, moinmoin, chinchin Ah ah. ��

  9. What attracted me to this post is the corn aflame, I love it die. Chai

  10. I laugh in spanglish... Me I no gree with the kpof kpof own o. Energy buns ke?! Talk about irony...make them come chop a saucer of kpof kpof come tell me if sleep no go kick energy komot for body... mtscheew. "Energy buns"...

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