Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Change is here.

Something big happened in history today and this is a milestone for my country. Congratulations to the president elect SAI BUHARI.  And like a dear friend said

# babanowthatyouarethere .
1) Don't come-up with 36-point agenda.Just give us Light and security. Others will fall in place.

2) Reduce the costs for data bundles.

3) Make Fashola a minister with 2 portfolios. He can handle it.

4) Baba, the number of fish in each tin of Titus sardine used to be 8 in 1999. Please do something about it.

4) Shut all borders. Our jail candidates must not be allowed to escape to Cotonou.

5) Don't Use 1billion Naira to Eat..No Be Food We Say Make You Go Chop!

6) Please arrest that lady that says your call credit is low please recharge!

7) Stop jumbo salary 4 d politicians & pay them like civil servant 2 discourage rogues from our polity
don't use all our money to buy shoes..use your old military boots if necessary.

9) Padlock Patience Jonathan's mouth like Trojan horse. She speaks bad English.

10) let there be electricity, we don't want to be hugging transformers.

11) We want NTA to be clear like CNN, BBC, Al jazeera and so...

*ROTFL* Naija ppl no nice at all
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Nosakhare Favour Osayuwamen


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