Thursday, March 26, 2015

The biggest lesson l learnt from my mom.

My mum is my biggest cheerleader, there’s nothing she believes I cannot accomplish. She encourages me to reach out for my dreams: “it is possible”; she insists and always goes to the word of God for back up.  She is extremely hard working and every day I wonder where she gets her drive from… and she’s oh so determined!
I decided to interview some Fmbers about the biggest lesson they’ve learnt from their moms. You can read the response below.

How to keep a stable relationship and gain loyalty – Ukoha

Her courage in time of difficulties – Carson

That I shouldn’t put God aside because when you cut away from him, you can do nothing - Victoe

How to babysit – Alero

She taught me how to be a man – Caleb

Learned to be prayerful, to forgive and pray for my enemies, to be mischevious (hahahah)- Onyinye

Lets hear yours

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Nosakhare favour osayuwamen


  1. She taught me how to hope for d best but learn to have shock absorbers if things don't work out the way i want it. She taught me how to be there for those who need my help and never do to others what I don't want to be done to me..."ME LOVE MY MAMA DIE ,ABEG!!

  2. Ooossshhheey Turn up! I love your simplicity and how so apt your posts always are.. **Whispers.. Mbok do i have permission to be like you when I grow up?! I beg you in the name of Fidelity bank... Mothers.. Mothers... Mothers.. Can they ever be replaced?! Can their love ever be substituted?! i dont think so.. Truth is Motherhood by my standard is one of no!! Scratch that i meant is the ONLY sure link between Heaven and Earth.. The passage and gateway between both worlds. I wish most mothers wont forget this... GOD bless your Mother..

    So What have I learnt from mine?! i learnt that Walking away isnt the best option... **Shines teeth... Ooossshhheey Turn up! Turn Up! Ladies and gentlemen.. Favour be making us go mushy mushy this morning ba?! issorait!! it is allowed.. How art thaou Bubba?!

    1. i'm good hun... congrats on your nomination. voted for you already.. and no you don't have permission to be like me when you grow up. i love your mom too

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