Monday, March 16, 2015

Funny attitude of Nigerians @ weddings

My friend got married last  saturday and I was priviledge to be the maid of honour. I've always had an eye for detail and trust me if most people had an idea what I know about them just by cyber stalking!!! Choi!!! They would cringe.
I got warned by the bride not to wear heels that would make me taller than her or the groom and this gave me headache for days.# I sha sorted it out#
Ah!!! People are wicked. Just three days I spent making preparations with my friend opened my eyes to a new dimension of this thing called "wedding"
These are my observations.

1. Those women in the kitchen can steal food eh!!! From maggi to groundnut oil, salt , pepper. I almost caught cold .

2. People cannot eat only one plate and leave the party. Never!!! Amadioha will strike them down if they dare.

3. The cake. You see a massive cake but when it comes to sharing you get crumbs of it with no toppings/sweetness. If they want to give us a tip of the iceberg its should be monogrammed. Or don't you think so too?

4. How did spraying money at weddings become our culture? Its not like these people are dishing out dollars o or let's just say #500 or #1000 notes. No oh!!! They will split  #1000 into 50 pieces of #20 and be littering the ground everywhere.

5. The one I don't understand is how people feel obligated to take every food on the menu. I don't understand why someone will have a plate with everything piled up and overflowing then go back and get a wrap of pounded yam and scoop the 2 or 3 different soups side by side boggles my mind and they haven't had dessert o. The mixture of those food in the stomach sha.

6. Wedding crashers. Invite them and they come with 2/3 of their friends. No wonder food is never enough in weddings.

7.The way some people fight over souvenirs you'd think its gold plated ipad.

 Weddings!!! hmmm... I wish I could do the oyinbo style and elope but my papa will look for me, annul the elopement and have a proper naija wedding.


Hey lovelies, I'm sorry I didn't make any post for some days.. Na this wedding matter I carry for head o. I miss you guys sha.

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Nosakhare favour osayuwamen


  1. Hahahahahahaahahha some wedding guests are hilarious. Although they could be irritating, there would be no stories without them. What a beautifully written post!

    1. as in eh... no stories without them o...fanks hun

  2. lol @ amadioha wld strike dem dwn.... lwkmd

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  4. I am guilty of a couple of these and no, I wont tell you which ones. Its the 'wedding spirit' - it just keeps whispering in your ear: "Go on, do it, u know u want to" LOL!!

    1. reli... hope its not the packing food sha

    2. LOL!! Now that would be telling!! Anyway, I am guilty of No 4 and 6 but hand on my heart, I dont spray N20 notes oh, the lowest nomination I spray is N100.

      Oh - I wanted to mention that capital 'N' is used to indicate the Naira sign and not #.

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