Tuesday, July 21, 2015

17 things l learned at 25.

1. Don’t hide from vulnerability. Even when it means that you might end up in a puddle of pain, do it anyways.
2. Propose new ideas that you can and want to take on. It might be a long shot. But you also just might end up spending three months in Europe or your dream country.
3. Go ahead and show up at his door. (Or hers.) There’s something beautiful about being so unafraid to love… even if you’re wrong.

4. Say yes often. To strangers. To a new friend. To weird opportunities. Adventure awaits.
5. Use your words for good. They’re so much more powerful that way.
6. Don’t let distance keep you from the ones you love
7. Don’t stalk any ex’s social media. Just don’t. For real.
8. When you feel wronged, let it go. Honor it, and let it go.
9. Get on a last-minute plane to surprise someone you love. It’s too fun. 
10. Don’t shy away from other people’s grief. The greatest gift you can give is to sit with them in that. Plus, they really need you in those moments.
11. Ask for help from people smarter and more talented than you. They want to see you succeed.
12. Take a leap of faith. And take it often.
13. Raise your hand for the opportunity that scares the shit out of you. You’ll be so proud you did
14. Be OK being alone. And be equally OK with feeling lonely.
15. Family. Near, far, blood or not. Family.
 16. You’re constantly growing. What you didn’t like last year may just be something you fall in love with this year. Like dogs.
17. You are connected to something so much bigger. Your time here, however fleeting, is a journey of the spirit. Do everything in your power to stay connected to that. To the universe guiding you. To your soul’s whispering to go after your dreams. And to the sweet, sweet love of this cosmic experience.
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 Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare


  1. This are great lessons. 7&12 have been working for me.


  2. Ftc
    Great lessons. 7&12 have been working for me..


  3. Eeerm you learnt all this at 25? Wish I did 5 years ago

  4. This are very very insightful points..i love no 5&7


  5. Hmmmm...nice one. at 25 I was already dropping engines in my husband's house...Chai! I'm old oo

  6. I really love numbers 5 and 6. At 25, I was a very naive girl - so mumuic but not as mumuic as I was at 23. I wish I knew then what I know now but........ You've learned a lot oooooooo

  7. hey, you smarty payint....
    All these by 25?
    I am proud of you, 25 year old me would be looking at 25 year old you like....kilode?!

  8. number 7 is the koko...don't stalk any ex abeg.... no time o


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